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Alterations to Fire Door Assemblies

I frequently receive questions about alterations of existing fire door assemblies, including preparation for new hardware and addressing holes left ...
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Johns Manville Title 24 install

High-Performance Walls: Insulation Solutions for California’s Energy Standards

New energy efficiency regs through Title 24 require high-performance walls in homes. By J. R. Babineau In January 2017, the ...
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meet fire codes, cut costs

Meet Fire Codes, Cut Costs

A new technology is helping lower the cost of meeting fire codes. There's now new technology to help builders confidently ...
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perfect housewrap install

The Perfect Housewrap Install

When properly installed, housewrap can be the workhorse of a home’s exterior envelope, but, like everything else in construction, it ...
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Anatomy of a Fire Door

There are many components to a fire door assembly. Learn what should be included in a fire door assembly to ...
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Innovative Envelope Design That Keeps Moisture Out

This new web-based tool shows building pros how to minimize moisture risks in low-energy, high-performance homes. Wall system design is ...
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