Mike Collignon


WERS Program Upcoming Events and Updates

The Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS) program continues to expand. Here is the progress we made in September. The next ...
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texas adds criminal penalties to building codes

Texas Bill Introduces Criminal Offenses Into Building Code Arena

Texas builders support HB 2040 because of concerns about lawsuits and bad publicity brought on by less reputable contractors. Back ...
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Illinois community solar

Illinois Embraces Community Solar Program

Illinois follows Minnesota to become the second state in the Midwest to implement a statutory, statewide community solar program. The ...
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energy efficiency benchmarking in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Asks Building Owners to Track Energy Efficiency

Salt Lake City tries energy benchmarking to encourage building owners to pay attention to their energy consumption. In late August, ...
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Water Conservation Creeps Into Hawaii’s Code Discussions

Hawaii addresses water conservation and extends building code adoption cycle from 18 to 24 months. In mid-July, the Hawaii Governor ...
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Florida Continues to Make Code News

The state of Florida finalized the 6th edition of its building code, and a solar mandate is approved in South ...
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