Bill Fay


The ICC’s Nightmare on Elm Street

The Trade-Off Loophole in the proposed 2018 IECC may earn first-ever “negative” determination from DOE. In the 2009 IECC, the ...
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The New ERI Path

Section R406 of the 2015 IECC is a dramatic shift from public ownership to privatizing building energy code enforcement. Should ...
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America’s Mayors Resolve to Strengthen 2018 IECC

America’s mayors delivered a crystal clear message at their June annual meeting: Energy codes protect our homeowners and tenants, our ...
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2018 IECC: A Lost Year for Energy Efficiency?

Home builders “take back” (then lead efficiency roll backs of) Energy I-Code. It was January 2011 in Las Vegas, and ...
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New Calculator Tool Empowers States to Use Building Energy Codes to Comply with the Clean Power Plan

The new codes will not only result in carbon reductions, but should also save homeowners money. Building energy codes —which ...
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Utah has one of America's most advanced commercial building energy codes, but the state's residential energy code is one of the nation's weakest, substantially weaker than new home efficiency in neighboring Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. (Photo: Scott G Winterton, Deseret News)

Energy Codes: Utah Legislature Chooses Homebuilders Over Home Owners

America's utility bills are the highest cost of maintaining a home, higher than either property taxes or insurance. Adopting a ...
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